Zest Non Stick Flat Multi Tawa

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3 coat non stick coating, ceramic reinforced right through, metal spoon friendly, easy to clean, 3 mm extra thick aluminium for even cooking, consumes less gas
12 months guarantee
Requires less oil

Vinod Zest Non stick Flat Multi Tawa is reinforced with ceramic layers(3 Coats of Non Stick) which ensures hardness, durability making the cookware long lasting.

Easy Maintenance
This Vinod Aluminium tawa is very easy to clean because of its non – stick features where you can just wash it with a mild liquid detergent using a soft sponge.

Being round in shape this tawa provides you spiral round base for even heat distribution and cooks food in uniform manner.

Maximum Safety:
Having triple layer of non-stick coating, it is metal spoon friendly. Supported with heat resistant nylon handle, it prevents your hands from getting burnt.

This Nonstick Flat Multi Tawa is available at different sizes as mentioned below:
| ITEM | BODY | 0 CMT |
| ZFMT 30.0 | 4mm | 30 |
| ZFMT 32.5 | 4mm | 32.5 |
• Swiss Quality. 3 Coat - Non Stick. Metal Spoon Friendly.
• Easy to Clean.
• Heat Resistant Nylon Handle.
• Non- Stick coating requires less oil.
• Wear and Abrasion Resistant
• Designed to survive your daily use.